Glass, driving sales and growing the industry.

The empty shopping cart. How every retailer needs to think of a new aquarium sale. Each customer that buys a new aquarium not only grows the aquatic industry, it provides the retailer with a vessel to up-sell lights, pumps, filters and animals. If you operate within the aquatic segment and you aren’t selling glass, you are doing it wrong.

Glass as we call it, is the corner stone of aquatics. Without glass you have no aquatic industry. Without glass there is no need for lighting, filters, or goofy unnecessary inventions for aquariums.

The bottom line is that glass, single handedly is what brings sales into your retail or ecommerce store, and you should be doing everything possible to sell more of it. No more excuses, it’s time to invest in your future, because without it the industry won’t flourish or grow.

Think about all the fancy LED lights on your shelf(which wouldn’t exist without great glass companies like Waterbox growing the segment). You need to sell those lights, so who better than someone that is buying that fancy new Waterbox off your showroom floor.

Today is the day you take control of your retail store, make an investment into a great glass brand like Waterbox. Today is the day you train your staff to sell tanks, because that is how you increase your sales and bottom line.

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