Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Biggest Ever.

The Aquatics Industry saw its biggest every advance in holiday sales to date. Many manufacturers were offering 30-50% off their everyday prices. The landscape is also becoming more competitive by the day. The Retailer must now be ever vigilant to get customers to shop in store, rather than online. If you are a retailer and aren’t selling online in tandem with your Brick and Mortar, get with the program if you want to succeed.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2017 could quite possibly be the biggest online shopping day in history. As of Cyber Monday, shoppers spend upwards of $6.59 billion on online purchases. That is insane. Adobe analytics reports a jump of almost 17 percent over last year.

Not only are the number huge, but how shoppers are buying has changed. By changed I mean the technology is different. Smartphone and tablet purchases represented over 53% of visits and 40% of the revenue equaling 2 Billion…wow! Is your website mobile responsive? Don’t know what that means? Google it. Your web presence MUST be mobile responsive, or you are losing potential sales and clients.

In essence you must start planning next years holiday sales now. If you don’t have an online store, start now or you will be swallowed by the growing online ecommerce stores, and make sure the website and stores are responsive to mobile devices as that is where online shopping is trending.

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