Glass, driving sales and growing the industry.

The empty shopping cart. How every retailer needs to think of a new aquarium sale. Each customer that buys a new aquarium not only grows the aquatic industry, it provides the retailer with a vessel to up-sell lights, pumps, filters and animals. If you operate within the aquatic segment and you aren’t selling glass, you [...]

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New Partnership Announcement Orlando, Florida, November 9, 2016– Deepwater Distribution is excited to announce the partnership for exclusive distribution of the Brio Aquaponics systems for the United States. The Brio Aquaponics system, created by internationally known industrial designer, Robin Plante is revolutionizing the form and function of sustainable eco-systems for your home and office. With [...]

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Waterbox Aquariums Exclusively at DWA

Deepwater is pleased to announce that Waterbox Aquariums has chosen Deepwater Aquatics to be their exlcusive worldwide Distribution hub. Waterbox creates wonderful boxes designed to house Fish, Corals, Plants and anything you would keep in an aquarium. "With Factories in Asia and over 25 years experience in manufacturing, quality control and even higher quality product [...]

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