5 New Years Resolutions for Small Business Success in 2018

When I hear someone mention new years resolutions my first thought is "why wait for the new year, start now". Because the truth is, if you or your company can't commit now, you will never commit long term. In this installment I am going to outline 5 great things you should start NOW to [...]

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The Importance of New Items

Without sales a company won't exist, and without an increase in sales you are not a business. Companies need to continue to strive to increase their top line, with innovative profit driven items/services, decreased costs and the right people. The reason companies fail is because they are unable to sell items in quantities great [...]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Biggest Ever.

The Aquatics Industry saw its biggest every advance in holiday sales to date. Many manufacturers were offering 30-50% off their everyday prices. The landscape is also becoming more competitive by the day. The Retailer must now be ever vigilant to get customers to shop in store, rather than online. If you are a retailer [...]

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Glass, driving sales and growing the industry.

The empty shopping cart. How every retailer needs to think of a new aquarium sale. Each customer that buys a new aquarium not only grows the aquatic industry, it provides the retailer with a vessel to up-sell lights, pumps, filters and animals. If you operate within the aquatic segment and you aren’t selling glass, you [...]

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Website Presence and its importance to your Business

Websites are vital for Small Business. If you don't have a website for your business then you fell behind years ago. The internet has been booming since the 90's and your business NEEDS it. Running you business is no easy task, but the days of short cuts, hesitation and procrastination are over. In the day's of [...]

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How to Increase your Sales 30% in 30 days.

Many retailers have given up the fight within themselves. They have thrown in the towel with trying to compete with other retailers and e-commerce providers. Understanding and acknowledging this mindset will help provide you with solutions to increasing your business. Ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, you will never achieve the margins required [...]

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The importance of a clean store.

Don't overlook the benefits of a clean store. From algae free display tanks to dustless product displays, clean restrooms, and dry floors. A clean store is sure to result in a positive buying experience and guarantee repeat sales. Below we have outlined some very key factors that will influence your retail success. Wipe down [...]

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Retail 101 – Profit Margins and How to Calculate Them

Small businesses are at all times searching for ways on how to raise their revenue. Whether though removing redundancies, increasing sales or lessening internal expenses, business and corporations are on the lookout for the big cost saving measure, which will open valuable cash flow. What many aquarium stores might never calculate, is profit margin, an [...]

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Deepwater Aquatics Rewards Program

"Not only does it give increase your bottom line, but it makes it fun." say's CEO Richard Gilliland. DEEPWATER AQUATICS REWARDS PROGRAM WAS DEVELOPED TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION TO OUR VALUED CLIENTS. Products like Aquaforest, Hydrologic, Pacific Sun and Kamoer earn double rewards points everyday. Quarterly bonus points are also rewarded site wide or on [...]

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