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Orlando, Florida, November 9, 2016– Deepwater Distribution is excited to announce the partnership for exclusive distribution of the Brio Aquaponics systems for the United States. The Brio Aquaponics system, created by internationally known industrial designer, Robin Plante is revolutionizing the form and function of sustainable eco-systems for your home and office. With over 3 years of research and development, the Brio system is an elegantly designed urban eco garden that provides relaxation and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Inspired from natural eco systems, the “growing green biological filtration system” allows garden plants to feed on waste coming from the aquatic species from a flood and drain system, providing a healthy aquatic environment prone to exceptional vegetation growth. The automatic timer control allows optimal lighting time exposure specific for each aquatic and garden needs. The Brio 35 system does not require water changes like typical freshwater aquariums.

Each Brio 35 system is designed for a side by side configuration. The aquarium, LED lighting, waterfall filtration, internal pumps, and hydroponic clay substrate is included. The Brio system is available in white and black, with optional stand. Available accessories include filter replacement, LED plant bulbs and unique vacuum for detritus.

The Brio Aquaponic systems will soon be available at quality retail pet stores, lawn and garden specialty retailers and distributor partners.

“The Brio 35 system is a mesmerizing piece of living art.” – Richard Gilliland, CEO Deepwater Distribution.

The Brio system will be showcased at the Global Pet Expo this year.


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